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Creating Positive Futures and Social Impact

As far as Western Africa has progressed in implementing infrastructure, like many other developing regions, there is much work required ahead. Basic infrastructure in developing nations needs to be improved in many urban and rural regions to allow for economic development. For example, it is estimated that Ghana can save over 33 million USD/annually in already overburdened public sector energy grid-based costs by switching to solar street lights. (1)



Such innovative solutions not only help in developing nations, but also have come to play important roles in humanitarian crisis zones. Solar lanterns have been used in Syrian communities to provide lighting once grids have been destroyed by military activity. (2)




In a recent New York Times article, The Race to Solar in Africa, (3) the author traveled across rural areas in Africa to see first hand the impact that solar energy can have, and the author relayed the following:

  • Residents of a rural Ghana community could now safely store the vaccine for yellow fever,
  • Charge cell phones at home rather than walking to a bigger town,
  • Cold water was now available – solar enabled running of refrigerators, and so coldness was, for the first time, a possibility,
  • Electric fans which can squelch overwhelming heat.

Such uses can dramatically improve the living conditions as well as economic activities of communities. Farmers in some communities with new solar energy installations could now use advanced mobile phone and weather monitoring applications to help improve crop yield.

GCP and GCP Solar’s initiatives span across many sustianable charitable activities, including solar lanterns distribution. Like GCP, there are many other examples of active and dedicated foundations working in this area, and making excellent progress. Thus our aim is to be part of the shift towards sustainable and impactful investment and development of basic services supporting the growth of the promising economies in Africa.

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Keeping Ghana Alight – New Initiatives for Better Solar Coverage

As many African nations continue to evolve their utility coverage and infrastructure, many struggle to establish sustainable conditions and terms for such projects. Ghana’s

Africa Renewable and Solar Developments

Renewable Solar Projects Installation

recent new President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who came into office earlier in Spring 2017, has made clear a new positive agenda to commit to developing solar in the country. His position in a recent State of the Nation address was that it will resume Ghana’s renewable energy program, as well as implementing new initiatives to attract private sector investment in renewable.

The Ghanaian president has also stated that utility Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) had signed 43 Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) by the end of 2016, and that over 20 more were under consideration. He added that there will be an attempt to enforce a new procurement law for more fair bidding processes, and that many of the countries existing PPA’s u

nder the last government may be under review for reconsideration.

In addition to these new initiatives, in mid-March the country’s Energy Commission launched a rooftop solar programme, originally conceived in 2015, which provides an initial investment to cover the cost of PV panels up to a maximum of 500 W. The Energy Commission aims at installing 200 MW of rooftop PV capacity in the medium term. The programme is to be expanded to cover non-residential facilities including ministries, departments and agencies across the country.


MDAs to be connected to solar energy

Ghana’s new government relaunches solar program

GCP Solar appointed as official solar light supplier to Asa Baako Music Festival, Western Region, Ghana – 4 to 6 March 2015



In UN’s Year of Light, GCP Solar has been appointed the official solar light supplier to the Asa Baako Music Festival in Ghana, 4 March 2015.

In a sign of their commitment to helping reduce energy poverty and provide sustainable light, GCP Solar has partnered with the organisers of Asa Baako Music festival to distribute solar lights and solar mobile phone chargers at the festival over the independence day weekend in Ghana.

Asa Baako was launched in March 2011, in the spectacular fishing village of Busua in Ghana’s Western Region. It was here, where festival organisers from the UK and Ghana, joined together with local residents, to create a 2-day celebration of local arts and culture. Since then, Asa Baako has grown from one stage and a few hundred people, to a programme featuring the now legendary Jungle party, beach parties and a weekend of activities from surfing, art exhibitions, treks, tours, yoga, cinema for an audience of over 2,000 people.

Mr. Kofi Debrah of the Asa Baako organising committee said. “We are delighted to appoint GCP Solar as our sole solar light distributor. It is great that we can provide access to light for the 100 or so of the festival attendees that will be sleeping in tents. Also, there are many more coming from remote villages that also do not have lights.”

Mr. Sidney Yankson, founder of GCP Solar said, “ GCP Solar is happy to support this great festival of music and arts. Our solar light supplier, Nokero, has a distinguished track record in supporting the arts as they supported the Power The World concert a few years back during which Linkin Park performed. GCP Solar is looking forward to developing a long term relationship with the festival.”

About GCP Solar

GCP Solar is a leading solar company in Africa. GCP Solar is a distributor of hand-held solar lanterns and roof top solar systems. Our aim is to provide safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly light solutions to the 400 million people living in Africa without light. In Ghana up to 5 million people (approximately 30% of the population) do not have access to the main power grid.

GCP Solar is a distributor of the Nokero® suite solar products, such as hand held solar lights and mobile phone chargers.

About UN’s Year of Light

On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015). In proclaiming an International Year focusing on the topic of light science and its applications, the UN has recognised the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health. Light plays a vital role in our daily lives and is an imperative cross-cutting discipline of science in the 21st century.

(Learn more at www.light2015.org)

About Asa Baako

Asa Baako is a music and arts festival in Western Ghana.

(Learn more at www.asabaako.com)

Didier Drogba holding - N200


Linkin Park - Power the World

Lighting Global has published “Energy and Carbon Benefits of Pico-Powered Lighting”

The article summarises recent research findings that consider the energy and climate change implications of small solar powered products. The article compares the embodied energy of kerosene and solar lights, as well as the energy return on investment of the products and finds significant climate benefits associated with switching from fuel-based to clean electronic lighting. Read the news story on these findings.

The analysis presented shows that pico-powered lighting products require less energy to manufacture and operate than the kersosene-fueled lamps that they  have the potential to replace.

Sidney Yankson commented, “The report is further evidence that solar is the way to go for the base of the pyramid. Kerosene lamps are bad for health and bad for the pocket. Solar is better all round.”

Click here for the study.