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African and EU Partnership Framework Continues To Bolster Development Work

The recovering African markets are reopening the gateways not only for sustainable investment opportunities but also new impact investment, both for local players, as well as globally. This past July, The EU Africa Partnership  Civil Society Summit took place in Tunis to cover the ongoing priorities of the groups vision and roadmap. Among the top of this list of objectives were the focus on continued economic development, that includes policy and advisory support frameworks to help countries and investors with placements for projects throughout Africa. This can include process to help maintain transparency and identify and advise on financial risk mitigation.

As continued sustainable development assists in potential for commerce and trade, this means a better ability for strong performing sectors in West and East Africa to truly take the reigns of driving the future of their firms. Sidney Yankson, CEO of Ghana Capital Partners , who attended the EU Africa Partnership Summit in previous years, believes the following is true of this summit;

” Part of our firm’s objective is to not only drive investment opportunities, but to contribute to the ecosystem of society where we operate through sustainability activities. As we have seen fluctuations in the growth of markets not only here in West Africa but globally, we find the continued interest of such organizations very important to ensure sound investment and development support to local and foreign partners.”


GCP will continue to work with local and European partners in various sectors, in particular  with policy influencers and foundations across the region to share experiences and methods for success in this vital time for investment in renewable and infrastructure in Africa.