Our Strategy

Our vision is: to alleviate energy poverty and provide affordable and sustainable solar light to those living in the off-grid lighting areas in Africa. Currently only 39% are connected to the electricity grid, and 60% are relying on kerosene. Kerosene is highly damaging to the users health. Besides the risks of burns, injuries and poisonings from fuel ingestion it also omits high levels of CO2 emissions which is eroding our ecosystem. Having access to efficient and safe lighting is invaluable not only in the terms of safety but also in allowing work and education to continue after dark.

Strategy. We plan to work with other NGOs, 501c(3)s and non-profits to provide the maximum impact at the minimal cost. We always provide a detailed training session on how to use the products and we want the products to be sustainable. Educating the community about how to use the lanterns will ensure they’re used to their full potential.

Collective Impact. Through helping the community with renewable energy to provide  safe and sustainable light, we hope to positively impact communities across Africa. We hope these lanterns will enable businesses to stay open longer and for children to continue with their studies, encouraging personal development and helping the economy prosper.

GCP Foundation: Empowering Africa by alleviating energy poverty through renewable energy technologies.

The Story so far…

Shea Lady with her new Nokero solar lantern, Northern Ghana

Shea Lady with her new Nokero solar lantern, Northern Ghana © GCP Foundation, 2014. All rights reserved.

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