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GCP Solar is a distributor of solar lanterns in Africa.  Our aim is to provide safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly light solutions to the 400 million people living in Africa without light.

In Ghana up to 5 million people (approximately 25% of the population) do not have access to the main power grid. At the moment only 0.1% are using solar lanterns, GCP Solar endeavours to change this. A majority of the population use candles or kerosene to produce light. These can have detrimental affects to their health as well as the environment through omitting high levels of CO2 emissions. Only 14% of Ghanaians are currently concerned about the health hazards of using kerosene in their homes. The World Health Organisation (March 2014) indicates that up to 4.3 million people a year die prematurely from illnesses attributed to household air pollution.

Currently, we have successfully run our pilot project in a rural village in Northern Ghana (June 2014). 384 solar lanterns were distributed in conjuncture with Just Shea (for more information please see News). The feedback was highly positive and we hope to expand our jurisdiction to other parts of Africa, namely Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa.

GCP Solar – Empowering the world through solar technologies

“For Africa’s development, renewable technologies are a key component for aiding growth in the sub-region”

Sidney Yankson (CEO)


Distributing solar lanterns in Northern Ghana, the Just Shea women © Ghana Capital Partners, 2014. All rights reserved.


GCP Solar is a portfolio company of Ghana Capital Partners. GCP Solar focuses solely on the distribution of solar lanterns and roof-top solar systems. Ghana Capital Partners focuses on larger  investments in infrastructure and mining. For further details on Ghana Capital Partners,  please visit website Ghana Capital Partners Ltd.

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